Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's finally Labour Day holiday! Hooray~~!!!

Work, school assignment, research blah blah's is just all about working for a living and learning new things to live life more meaningful?! Anyway, it's eve of LABOUR DAY!! It's a day for everybody to rest, relax and enjoy!

To reward myself after a hectic week of hard work, I decided to buy some sweet bakery snacks from J&C from Woodlands Loop factory outlet. My favourite item is chocolate eclaire with vanilla cream fillings! Not forgetting that there's a bbq gathering with my ex-colleagues on the following day, I bought extra two boxes =D. Below are the pics of items bought from there.

This time round, I decided to try the eclaire with chocolate cream fillings (the one with curvy zig-zag decoration on top). I prefer the one with chocolate toppings and vanilla cream fillings because it's more flavourful. I like the eclaires from there because they uses premium chocolate which does not have the waxy texture when eaten. Besides, the vanilla cream fillings is not those buttery and oily type. It's viscous and non-greasy which makes you craves for more!

Saw the "seductive" cheese cake and decided to buy home to try! I like this kind of steam-baked cheese cake because it has a lighter texture and it's not as sweet. In short, it's "thumbs-up" for the cheese cake! Paying $5,50 is indeed worth it!

It's friday night and where's dinner?! Well......mum cooked ham & mushroom sphagetti using Prego sphagetti sauce. Knowing that she's cooking this dish, I bought Master Food Basil Leaves condiments to add a refreshing note to it. To my surprise, my family likes it too, especially my mum! Below are the pics of the dish.

Am going to foget about dieting this long weekend because I need nice and high-carbo food to "RE-CHARGE"!! Chocolates and cakes! And I'm going to cherish this PH and make use of it to enjoy, rest well and keep up with the life out there! Not surfing the net for five consecqutive days a week makes me feel like I have greatly lost touch with the world out there =/. Anyway, happy labour day to all~!! =D