Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last Day of work....Welcoming the Year of Rabbit Year 2011!!

Omg! I've been through 2 cycles of rabbit year..which means..ahem! Alrite, shall wish everybody a prosperous golden rabbit year!

Tue was the last day of work be4 we break for cny. Had cleared lab last fri becoz i knew i wld be in cny mood on mon onwards! Hee! The first half of Tuesday was trying to clear some work. From lunch onwards, it was slacking all the way till lucky draw n release! That was the first time I've been so slack ever since I joined this company! Haha!

Anyway, was in super Gd mood on Tue becoz we were released early! Luv my bosses so much manz..Muacks muacks! Hahaha! Btw, I won Tangs vouchers for the lucky draw! 

We took Kelvis's car out to Mrt..but coz he wanted to go BHC buy bak kwa, and all of us not in hurry, I suggested we go food edge as recommended by tyl! We were in time!!! Think ours was the last lucky!

Kel shared half of macadamia chocolate brownie wif LH who also shared half of the mango mousse cake with me... ... BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


Mango Mousse 

Top layer is made of gelatine, followed by sponge and mango mousse.
Though it's quite flavored, but the mango flavor is quite natural and refreshing. 
It's not very sweet and mousse is quite light in texture. 
Because of it's slight sourish taste, it makes one craves for more!

While paying for the cakes, I mentioned about a place near here called "Fraser" which sells sashimi at a very reasonable price, but just could not recall its location though i only remembered it's near Fragrance. Kel was damn helpful that day...think he called his friend to ask about it and we got to know it's along Woodlands Terrace where we were at!! as he drove along, we spot that place! And so....i got to buy sashimi home for my family! Was so happy even though i dun eat raw =X ! The sashimi was very very fresh with no fishy odours at all! Below was what I prepared for them....

Home prepared Sashimi

So I went back home with all those foods. Was totally in CNY Mood!! During the nite, my family and I went to market for dinner and also to soak in the festive ambiance! Buy this buy that, squeeze here squeeze there! That's the fun of it..haha! 

Well well that marks the end of Tuesday! Shall blog more on my reunion dinner soon....Happy Chinese New Year 兔 Everybody!! =D