Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mum's Home-cooked Fried Prawn Mee

Hi All, i'm backed!!

It's been both fun and stressful week for me. I was involved in our company's marketing event during the beginning of the week. It was tiring yet enjoyable mainly because the group of colleagues involved were a bunch of "crazy" and easy-going people! Thanks to them I had a great time during those 3 days of event! All of us was very satisfied with the wonderful responses from the public! Good job to everyone that was involved! (Claps Claps, Thumbs Up!)

Today, was asked to wake up early coz planning to go JB City Square for weekend shopping. Really dreaded the feeling manz! But somehow in the end, when I came out of the bath room, they decided not to go =X. Anyway, as instructed by mum, dad bought fresh ingredients back from market to cook Stir-fried Prawn Mee, also locally known as "Hokkien Mee".  

Below is the picture of the dish:

Ingredients: Fresh Prawns, Cai Xin, Pork Belly, Garlic & Lemongrass Chili Paste (Optional).

This is a simple home-cooked version of "Hokkien Mee" by my mum. Usually, people will add in the ingredients in a step by step sequence, but my mum does not need to do that. She's using AMC pan which requires much lesser steps. First, she stir-fry the pork belly till half cooked. Next, she add in the rest of the ingredients, with mee at the bottom and prawns and cai xin on the top, before covering. After 20 minutes and it's ready to be dished up! Usually people will have to add in boiled water so that the noodle will not be too fry. However, my mum do not need to do so as the vegetables and pork will contribute to some moisture. 

The overall taste is very homely and healthy without hardly any oil! For me, I prefer spicy and very "garlic-y" food. This is too bland for me and that is why I had to top with Garlic & Lemongrass Chili Paste! For people with similar taste preference as me, I would suggest to stir-fry the pork belly with grounded garlic, before adding in the rest of the ingredients to bring about a better aroma!

Tomorrow's Monday and it's back to work again! So many work is piling up. Why do I have a feeling that my workplace is filled with many riddles awaiting  to be solved?! Haiz...well, at least Uncle Steven is backed and I can sleep for 15 mins more daily and walk much much lesser!! 

Always look on the BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE~~~!!! =D

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  1. riddles are to make sure ur brain dun slow down as u grow older... :p
    juz think.. the more riddles u try to solve.. the younger u r ... wahahahahhaha... i survived by being ah Q.... :p