Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Bread Papa Mango Yoghurt Puff" and "Asian Style Cucumber & Parsley Salad"

Today was out at bugis area with mum. Though it was raining cats and dogs, the place was crowded as usual. Pools of water everywhere. Rain water splash here and there till my legs were all wet! Noticed that alot of young teenagers were wearing jacket..i guess they are the happiest whenever it rains because that's when they can look "cool" and "stylish" in their jacket!

We reached there around late afternoon. We had our simple lunch at Sim Lim Square basement food court. Din take pics of the food as they are common and tastes only so-so.

After that, we window-shopped around and inched our way through the food lane at bugis street. Along the food lane, I decided to buy the thin-crusted pan cake with coconut fillings. Wonder if it's because of the cold weather that we kept feeling hungry..well it's just plain excuses! =X Anyway, most people especially those who often shop around bugis street will know this stall. The pan cake is quite fragrant and because it's thin-crusted, it's not so heavy to have it as a after meal dessert. However, I find the coconut fillings abit dry. For savoury choices, try the pan cake with ham and eggs if you want something that can fill your stomach!

At Parco Bugis basement, before we leave for the mrt train, I decided to buy the promotional product Mango Yoghurt Puff from Bread Papa, selling at $2.50 instead of $2.80!

Bread Papa Mango Yoghurt Puff

This is the second time that I try this product. The last time when I eat, the puff texture is acceptably soft. Of course it's not as soft as the original ones as this has been frozen. Puffs that are being frozen tends to be harder due to the change in the starch structures. That is why I dun expect the frozen puffs to be very soft and springy. However, this time round, it is really slightly harder which makes biting abit difficult. The yoghurt filling is still as nice, milky, sweet and sourish at the right intensity. The mango flavour is pleasantly sweet, natural and refreshing! It's quite perfect for me! =D

We headed home after that to rest as we were tired from walking the whole afternoon. At home, I decided make the Asian style Cucumber & Parsley Salad. It was my office's house-keeping aunty who introduced this dish to me. As the name suggest, it consists of cucumber, parsley and chilli padi. I prefer using chilli padi because it does not have the "raw' and "green" taste like the bigger ones. But they are MUCH spicier! As for the dressing, it consists of sesame oil, soy sauce and lime. How much of each to put depends on personal preferences. Would suggest not to add the chilli and add pineapple cubes and carrots instead if you prefer it to be sweeter, more aromatic, refreshing and not spicy! Do let me know if you have bette suggestions! =D

Asian-Style Cucumber & Parsley Salad

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