Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Xmas!!

Merry Xmas to all! The long awaited festive day has passed with a glance. Enjoyed my company's annual xmas party on xmas eve! Would not comment much on the food as I thought it was just average. However, what matters is the fun and laughters we had during the party. And really appreciate the effort put in to make this a memorable one... ...not sure about the rest, but at least for me, it was indeed a memorable one! =)  

But unfortunately, we had meetings throughout the day which more or less dampened the festive mood! has to go on irregardless of what, rite...?

At home, we had our own style of Xmas dinner... ...

For appetizer, we had cucumber & lettuce salad. Well, not complete as there's no dressing added. But mum simply likes to chew on some fresh green vegetables to create a healthy lifestyle! =) There's also stir-fried celery with carrots, and I consider this a side dish instead of salad. Sis and bf brought Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothies - Mango with Orange sacs. Like this drink as the orange sacs gives it a zesty-refreshing taste which makes the drink not as sweet. It has a smooth mouth-feel. I tried before the strawberry flavour with nata de coco which is also quite nice.

Yoghurt is known as a food which aids and improves digestion. People who do not like to eat yoghurt are often because they feel that it's too sour or too milky. Instead of forgoing such a beneficial food, try the above yoghurt smoothies! With the fruits and flavours added, it will not be too milky or sour!

For main dish, we had mum's home-cooked mushroom spaghetti!

For side dishes... ...

Honey BBQ chicken from NTUC Fair Price
The meat is very tender, juicy and well marinated. Soft and easy to bite!

Chicken Chipolata from a wholesale factory at Woodland Terrace
My family members like this alot! Soft texture and the skin of the sausage is thin and easy to bite. Not too salty and it is well flavoured.

Lightly salted stir-fried potatoes (Indonesia - from NTUC Fair Price)
Just a simple dish which brightens up the dinner table! Like to buy indonesia potatoes (packet with green wordings) because it is easy to cook, not too hard and waxy, with the right texture when stir-fried!

Yeo's Baked Bean in Tomato sauce
Ooo~! How can we have western meal without baked beans in tomato sauce?! I still prefer Yeo's Baked Bean over other brands...simply because the tomato sauce is sweet and not sourish! And the beans are huge!

Although it's a simple home-cooked meal, we all enjoyed it alot, especially on this special festive night, with the accompany of everyone in the family! Merry Xmas to all!

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