Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kueh Bahulu a.k.a 鸡蛋糕

Sunday was another relaxing day for me. Instead of slacking around, I decided to continue developing my own style of Kueh Bahulu a.k.a 鸡蛋糕. According to my malay colleauge, traditional Kueh Bahulu is made from gula melaka a.k.a 椰唐 ye tang.  And it's more crispy on the outside. However, my aim is to create one of my own style.

My last attempt, which was also my first, was a failure as the cakes did not rise and puff up as nicely, resulting in a texture that is more similar to normal sponge cake. Guess it's because I added too much butter and too little baking powder.

This time round, I decided to try using the traditional sequence of adding the ingredients. Also, I have reduced the amount of butter, added more baking powder and eggs so that it will have a lighter texture, in another words, it would be more "airy". Below are the processing steps:

1) Beat the eggs till frothy.
*Note: To have a light cake texture, it is crucial to beat the eggs long enough as the bubbles will serve as the leavening agent during baking.

2) Add in sugar and continue to beat till dissolve.

3) Continue to beat till pale yellowish-white colour and mixture becomes thicker.

4) Add in flour.

5) Add in the unsalted butter and conitnue to mix till well blended.

6) Mixture is well blended and ready to be baked.

7) Heat up the specialised baking equipment till light goes off. Add the mixture into the moulds and cover up. For my case, I waited for about 1 minutes before opening up. By then, the cakes are ready!

The texture turns out much better than the last time. It is more "airy" and "springy" in texture. Appearance wise, it looks more appealing, probably because it is golden brown in colour. The colour and surface crispiness of the cake depends very much on the time of baking. The longer it is baked, the darker and more crispy it is! But then, it may become drier as it loses more moisture. In terms of flavour and aroma, it is quite perfect. It has the right buttery and eggy aroma. Bought some for my colleauges and they think it's good! But I find it abit dry and too sweet. Shall improve on these in my next trial!

As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect"! When you do more, you will get the hand of it!!

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