Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advance Christmas Celebration cum secondary school mini gathering 11 Dec 2009

Just back from a secondary school advanced Christmas celebration cum mini gathering at Goldkist chalet yesterday. Not many photos were taken as I was busy preparing the food. Below are the photos taken yesterday......

Bakerzin Log Cake sponsored by our dearest Amanda

We ordered raw satay & sauce (chicken & beef), raw sambal stingray,crabstick from BBQ Wholesale. I would like to recommend the raw sambal stingray which was very flavourful. The sambal chilli which they use is salty to the right intensity and very aromatic! As for the chicken satays (I only eat chicken), I was quite disappointed because I feel that it's abit dry and not flavourful enough. The satay sauce is a healthier version kind as it does not have a layer of oil separation on top which traditional satay sauce usually have. Probably due to no chilli oil added because it's not spicy at all.

Other food which I would like to recommend is the CP Brand Roast Chicken Wings with Honey which we bought from Fair Price supermarket. The chicken is those glazed kind and is so well marinated that all the spices and sweet soy sauce taste just lingers in the mouth at the first bite of it! The skin becomes crispy-burnt after it's been bbq-ed. For those who are lazy to marinate it yourself, you may like to try this out the next time you organize a bbq gathering!

Not to forget, the Xmas Log Cake from Bakerzin which was ordered and sponsored by one of our besties, amanda! Thank you so much for bringing such lovely chocolate mousse blueberry log cake which makes us feel "high" after eating it! There's hardly any women around me who will say "NO" to chocolates!

All of us slept late on that night and by the time we woke up, it was already 9.30am! Oh yes...we missed out the sunrise view! Lazy bums like us doesn't change our bad habits! Anyway, below are the photos taken when I woke up and stroll along the beach near our chalet......

With that nice scenery to mark the end of our Xmas Gathering, we checked out at around 10:30am! Thank you to all those who make the effort to spend the night with us! Hope you guys enjoyed the mini gathering and am happy with the little surprises received from the gift exchange session! Merry Christmas to ALL~! =D

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